Housebuilder's Bible Eleventh Edition

By Mark Brinkley

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binding: paperback
page size: 246 x 189mm
extent: 344

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"The Housebuilder's Bible" is unique - the first book in its field to mix information and advice with detailed yardstick costings for residential building projects. The author is an experienced house builder and renovator and much of the detail in the book is drawn from trade experience. It's very much an insider's guide and experienced construction professionals have expressed amazement at the amount of detailed information in the book. Yet it's accessible - many readers who have never been involved with building before have used this book to successfully build their own homes.The 11th edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect recent changes in prices, Building Regulations and other legislation. It's an ideal companion for anybody, self builder or professional, who wants to know more about building well and on a budget. Previous editions have won huge praise. 'It contains all the things the trade know and take for granted, but that non-trade wouldn't know' said one reader. Written in a highly readable style this eleventh edition is fully updated and takes into account the recent changes in fuel and property prices.